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Xtraction Sound Separation Technology

The time is now to re-purpose and monetize your dormant content


Remove music from a composite mix and replace the music with cost effective content with worldwide, in perpetuity, all media distribution rights. This has become a very prevalent problem for both domestic and foreign dubbed television content.


Remove dialog from a composite mix element to reuse in various applications such as games, theme park attractions, advertisements and digital media.


Isolate and preserve the vocals from a composite master recording to be used in re-records or live events featuring onscreen vocal performance backed by a band or orchestra.

Production Dialog

Separate dialog from excess background noise such as rain, water, traffic, music or loud ambiance so you can restore your original dialog and ADR/Looping is not needed.


Remove or isolate dialog in order to restore and make audible for legal presentations and evidence evaluation.

Music Mastering

Separate vocal performance and music from an original mix in order to enhance each component on its own resulting in an ultra high quality re-mastered song.