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Audio Description & Dubbing

Audio Description and Foreign Dubbing go hand-in-hand in today’s global media marketplace.   XTracks will localize your Audio Description and foreign language dubbing in almost any language. 

Why Audio Description @ XTracks?

Audio Description is a very detailed and necessary media service for the visually impaired.  We take this very seriously and collaborate with the visually impaired community as key creators in our work to help make our results second to none.

Audio Description is not only for the visually impaired.  There is a growing market of media multi-taskers that may not be in front of their cell or TV screen but are tuned in and need to know what is going on….  Audio Description helps this need just like closed captions do when the sound is down.

Dubbing with XTracks

We specialize in LAS, BPO, and English back translation dubbing for foreign content distributed in English speaking territories.   It does not stop there! Our worldwide network of in-territory and domestic talent, translators, directors and producers can handle almost any language you need.

The XTracks Difference!

We are not a big box company looking for sheer volume and trying to find the least expensive way to be compliant at all. We are all about a quality product, quality experience for all viewers and quality service to our clients.   We do not use AI to write or record our AD or Dubbing; we use humans that care and will never be replaced by technology at this company.   If you want to work with real people, we are your solution…

Domestic & Foreign Language Dubbing
Domestic & Foreign Language Audio Description
Casting Tests and Approval
In-Territory or Domestic Casting and Recording
Complete Mastering Deliverable Bundles