Digital Media Mastering

Our Digital Media Mastering workflow targets the specific deliverable needs of long and short form web, mobile and branded media content.  

Our experience, alongside industry leading technology, makes XTracks a perfect fit to provide mastering and deployment packages for today's new media outlets and experiences such as Netflix, Apple, Amazon, YouTube Red and Snap Chat.

Digital Media Mastering

Encode SD, HD, UHD 4K

Transcode SD, HD UHD 4K

File Insert, Muxing and Audio Laybacks

Aspect, Frame Rate and Standards Conversion


Content Editorial

Sub Titles (Multi-Language)

Closed Caption (Multi-Language)

Transcription (Multi-Language)

Broadcast Scripts (Multi-Language)

LTO Creation and Archive

Mastering and Technical A/V Quality Control (QC)

"20 Tech" Automation Quality Control

Network Uploads, Transfers and Distribution

Avid, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Systems

Primary Codecs and Containers

VP8 and Vorbis in WebM

VP9 and Opus in WebM

Streaming WebM via MSE

Theora and Vorbis in Ogg/Ogv

H.264 and MP3 in MP4

H.264 and AAC in MP4

Flash / FLV in SWF

Once you create content, you'd likely want it ready to be spread everywhere. Let us help you convert and master your content for web deployment. This includes sound mix conformance and picture sizing and color grading.

Web Deployment Packages

Looking for the highest quality production mastering? Wanting to capture at the largest bit rate for future down-converts. XTracks offers 2K and 4K workflows

HD, 2K and 4K