Building new and innovative ways to increase our ability to provide improved opportunities and services to our clients.

XTracks meets these needs with two leading technologies.


Our Patent Pending sound separation software removes music, dialog and vocals from composite mono, stereo, or surround mix elements.  

XTraction allows us to replace expensive music with license issues at far better price points, remove vocals so a new track can be built or performed around it or, isolate dialog so it can be re-purposed.

"20 Tech"

Our proprietary automated QC software allows us to analyze 20 aspects of each frame of picture and audio, giving us clinical evaluation of the master file in approximately half the run time.

The software references a variety of parameters including network and distribution specifications generating red-flag notification of technical flaws.

XTracks uses "20 Tech" as part of our incoming and outgoing file-based workflow procedures. This lets clients know of any technical problems with incoming elements before mastering begins and ensures proper flawless delivery of outgoing elements.